Top Selling TV Brands in the U.K

sony lcd tv

The thing about buying a high quality product is mostly how it makes you feel after you’ve bought it. The question that comes to most people’s minds is, would you recommend what you just bought to a friend? Buying a TV in the U.K is not an easy task, mostly because there is a wide variety of pocket friendly, quality TV brands, all of which fit the description of a great purchase. Some of the top brands have been dominating shelves in most shops, although they may not be the top performers in terms of quality, top brands do tend to be more popular among shoppers mainly due to the established nature of the brand, and hence many people tend to apply that logic when they shop. Here is a review of some of the well-known brands in the U.K courtesy of

  1. Samsung

Potentially the best performer in many reviews, and for many years, Samsung is perhaps the most consistent in terms of quality. Checking on customer satisfaction and overall output, Samsung TVs are on the top of the list when it comes to best buys. Recent designs have a sleeker, smaller size, with the thin design offering great value for money. Nothing beats a great TV at a pocket friendly rate.

samsung lcd tv

  1. LG

Another top brand that has been known to provide great value for money is LG. Considered by many as one of the most reliable brand, this TV offers you a range of prices to choose from, and a variety of sizes all suited for different needs. Although all of its TVs are quality fitted, they work great, they look good, they are reliable, and they’ve left a large population of their customers happy after they bought them.

  1. Sony

Arguable one of the best looking brand around, TVs from SONY have been known to be quite eye catching, but unlike the previously mentioned brands, these TVs tend not to match up in terms of quality. According to recent reviews, this brand has made the list of don’t buys, but people in the U.K still buy them nonetheless, mostly because they just look good. It doesn’t have a great score when it comes to customer satisfaction and reliability.

  1. Panasonic

Finally, considered one of the lesser brands, Panasonic has become a popular TV due to its pocket friendly rates. It does have some great pieces, but it also has some that come up short in terms of quality. As a budget TV it rarely makes the cut when it comes to customer satisfaction, but when you are on a budget sometimes your options are limited. This is one of the brands that literally has ‘you get what you pay for’ written all over it.