5 Tips For Choosing The Right Sports Bra

black and pink combination of sports bra

Nowadays, many of us are concerned about our health and take proper measures to stay fit. Going to the gym, walking, maintaining our diet, or doing any workout is common among both men and women. But women often ignore wearing proper clothes that are made for exercise. The most important thing to wear during a workout is a sports bra. This gives us extra support and does not cause any problem when running or doing a workout. Women who are looking for sports bra can use Lorna Jane promo code to get amazing deals and offers.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a sports bra

 There are a few things one should keep in mind when buying a sports bra. Some of them are discussed below.

Ignore low impact bra

 For athletes and women who are into running and lifting heavy weights, a high impact bra is very needed. Low impact bras don’t tend to do the work properly and will leave you uncomfortable. You can buy a low impact sports bra if you are doing Pilates or yoga.

Buy more sports bra if you’re working out more.

 For women who work out only a couple of times, a week can alternate between two bras. But for people who spend more days in the gym or running should own more than five bras. Wearing the same bra too many times can loosen the elastic and won’t do the work.

 Women's Doing Exercises with perfect fit of bra

Say no to pullover bras.

 Every woman has a different level of comfort. Some of us like our bra to be very tight, whereas some of us go for a regular fit. A pullover bra does not let you adjust the strap, which can be a hassle. It is essential to have adjustable straps as it helps to maintain the support and keep the breast stationary. Always start wearing a new sports bra on the loosest hook and then work your way up as it stretches.

Check the seams and underwire.

 It is advised to always go for a seamless sports bra. And for women who are looking for an underwired bra should check if the wire is appropriately covered or it will poke you while working out.

Test before you buy

 If you are buying online, always test it or return it. It is essential to check a sports bra and see whether it helps keep the breast in one place, or it bounces while working out.