Rubbish Removal for Rental Properties and Real Estate


Whether you are a home owner intending to move out of your house and rent it, or a real estate agent with houses that are vacant and you are planning to rent them, cleaning up is a must. It is normal for tenants to leave ‘junk’ behind; sometimes the junk is actually a new chair or a table that could not fit into the moving truck. You cannot rent a house with used furniture or other types of waste to a new tenant, so you must first clear everything before you let a new interested party view it.


Real estate agents sometimes can get caught up in a sea of waste when tenants vacate the houses they manage. This can be very frustrating because even when they find new tenants to rent the houses, they cannot take them to view them with rubbish in the living rooms, basement, or garage. They have to have them cleaned and everything cleared in a very short time. In cases like this, skip hires and skip hire alternative for bins are not useful because they cannot hold the amount of waste being cleared, and it would be tiresome to use them anyway.

Hiring a rubbish clearance company would be the best idea for circumstances like these. All you have to do is call them and schedule an appointment so that they can come to the houses you manage as a real estate agent, or if you are a home owner. They will evaluate the amount of rubbish to be cleared and quote a price. If you decide to use their services, they start work right away; they remove all the junk and clean up the places they cleared. This includes gardens, if there are gardens that need a cleanup; the clearance services company literally cleans anything within your property or home.

London based waste clearance services for residentials