Who’s Responsible Over Hiring End Of Tenancy Cleaners


Every time you rent a property, you sign a tenancy agreement with the landlord. This applies to both domestic tenants and commercial tenants. In this agreement, one of the issues that is mentioned is about cleaning up the place when you have to leave. In most End of tenancy agreements it is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that they leave the place in the same condition they found it in terms of cleanliness and tidiness. The landlord often holds your deposit as a surety or guarantee and only refunds it back once you have adhered to each and every clause of the agreement.


  • It’s worth noting however that, most tenants are not really able to carry out the cleaning themselves. The task can be tedious and laborious because it means you’re preparing it for the next tenant. Every nook and cranny has to be spotless and tidy! When the landlord comes to inspect the premises, you have to convince them beyond reasonable doubt that indeed everything is clean.
  • This is where end of tenancy cleaning companies come in. Such are able to come over and assist you as a tenant to get the place sparkling, in a matter of hours. Mind you, end of tenancy cleaning entails cleaning the walls, tiles, ceiling, sofas, lofts, drawers, and any other place one can imagine. But the clearance companies have the personnel and tools to get the job done professionally.
  • They’ll scrub the bathrooms, sinks and basins to ensure that everything is dazzling. The cobwebs on the ceiling or stains on the glass windows have also to be cleaned. Cleaning companies can send over a team of up to 6; this means that the cleaning will be prompt and thorough. Some estimates here in the UK suggest that almost 50% of all landlords who fail to refund tenant’s deposits cite cleaning as the main cause.
  • In the tenant agreement, some landlords may include a small fee for a cleaning company that they contract to do the cleaning when you leave. But you should always avoid such, it is easier and more affordable to get a clearance company of your choice. A quick search online will show you some of the leading end of tenancy cleaning service provider. Such a company is likely to be just a phone call away; you have no reason to endanger your deposit by takings for granted. Ensure that the cleaning company you have hired or that the landlord has recommended is insured. This cushions you in case of any damages.
  • But even as you wait for the clearing company to come and offer a helping hand, there are some DIY things you can be doing. For instance, start by sorting out your items from what will be left behind, throw away any foodstuffs you may have remaining in the kitchen, and so on so forth. If anything needs to be replaced, for instance a broken window pane; get that done well in advance.


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