Complete Guide To External Cleaning For Residential & Commercial Properties.

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The purchase of your home or business premises is likely to be the biggest investment you ever make in your lifetime. Thousands are spent on the interior of your property making it a beautiful home for your family or a wonderful, practical workplace but the exterior is quote often left behind.

The exterior of your property provides the first impression for your visitors to your home or business and also protects your family or business from the elements outside, all year round!

Homes and commercial premises have different external cleaning requirements to keep them looking their best:

Residential External Cleaning

Slate and tiled roof’s build up moss over many years causing your roof to look unsightly while the moss potentially causes tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to your roof. Moss holds an incredible volume of water and when it freezes it expands, causing hairline cracks in tiles to expand. Roof trusses hold an exceptional amount of additional weight when a roof is covered in moss – not to mention the nuisance that falling moss causes including blocked gutters! Specialist roof moss removal services are available throughout the UK.

Gutters become blocked as nature runs its course. Moss falls from roofs into the gutters, leaves and debris dropped by birds land in gutters along with the odd item shown up from the ground such as tennis balls which are the perfect size for blocking downpipes. Annual gutter cleaning is recommended by most home insurance companies, its always best to use a gutter cleaning specialist for this.

UPVC Gutter, soffits and facia’s become dirty usually with algae, manufacturers normally provide a 10 or even 15 year guarantee however they do require annual cleaning. Don’t leave it too late because once UPVC is stained beyond repair it will need to be replaced. Many window cleaning companies provide gutter, soffit and fascia cleaning services.

Window Cleaning is certainly the most common external cleaning service for homeowners in the UK, many like to have 4 or 8 weekly regular window cleans. One top tip is to use an established all year round, VAT registered company then you will know that the service will be provided by a reliable company.

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Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Your driveway really does create the first impression of your home as your visitors arrive and a clean driveway means less dirt walked into your home from outside.

Annual cleaning of your patio and driveway not only keep them looking great but also helps to keep your family safe and sound – removing the slip hazard that an algae covered patio or driveway can become!

These services can be found cheap by “one man bands” using an electric pressure washer – best to avoid these and employ the services of a professional driveway or patio cleaning company who uses a petrol powered machine, flat surface cleaner and possibly even steam cleaning equipment.

Keep on top of these residential home cleaning services and you will not only keep your home looking great but also increase its value by maintaining it in the best possible way.

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Commercial External Cleaning

Your business must create an amazing first impression for your visitors including your potential customers.

Commercial Window Cleaning

The windows of your business will need cleaning at regular intervals, depending upon the height of your building they may need to be cleaned via rope access, cradle, MWEPs, water Fed poles or traditionally for ground level windows.

A minimum of annual window cleaning is highly recommended for any windows but ones that your customers and staff regularly at can need to be cleaned as often as daily.

A good commercial window cleaning company will be able to advise on the best practices for your business type and location.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning of commercial gutters is more specialist that domestic gutter cleaning, often involving higher & bigger guttering holding much larger volumes of stagnant water and gutter debris.

Gutters on commercial buildings should be cleaned at least annually. Ensure you use a safe contractor registered company for any cleaning at height on your commercial building and use a reputable firm to carry out gutter cleaning for you.

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Cladding Cleaning

Many factories, industrial buildings and retail units are built using metal framework and cladding, reducing both build cost and time. The downside is that cladding requires much more frequent cleaning than brick / stone built buildings.

Use a specialist cladding cleaning company to clean your cladding to ensure it is cleaned without causing damage – once the protective coating is damages your cladding will get dirty much quicker!

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Pressure Washing Services

Commercial pressure washing services include car park cleaning, footpath cleaning, brick and stone cleaning, graffiti removal and building cleaning. Always choose a external cleaning specialist for any commercial pressure washing works at your company premises. Ensure your chosen contractor is Safe contractor approved and submits suitable RAMS before works commence.

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