3 reasons Your Central Heating may Not Be Working Correctly


Boiler problems are both annoying and inconveniencing. Central heating problems occur in both conventional boilers and combi boilers. Woe unto you if the system breaks down in winter and you’re left to find alternatives for water heating. In most cases, leaving your boiler idle over long durations can bring about some central heating problems. At ADI Leak detection they have a team of professional engineers in the UK specializing in water leak and detection services. Water leaks play a big role. In this guide, we have compiled a list of the 3 major reasons your central heating may not be working properly. Have a look below;

  1. Low pressure on the boiler; modern water boilers have an inbuilt pressure gauge. The gauge shows you the boiler pressure at any given time. Low pressure can lead to malfunction of your heating system. Mind you, the low pressure can be caused by a water leak that reduces the amount of water getting into the boiler. In some rare instances, the low pressure can be caused by a faulty water relief valve. Whatever the case, get a competent team of engineers and plumbers to fix the low pressure.
  2. Frozen pipes; the cold season often witnessed in the UK can lead to the freezing of water within your boiler’s condensate pipes. The freezing inside means that the flow of water to and from your boiler is slowed down. You may notice that your boiler bangs and clunks when you start warming water. The boiler also takes exceedingly long to warm water even after you’ve switched on your heating system. The solution here would be to try and defrost the condensate pipes by ‘bleeding’ your radiator. If the problem persists, get a professional to come and inspect your entire heating system to determine exactly where the problem is.
  3. Radiator won’t heat up; build up of sludge and air trapped inside the radiator can cause uneven distribution of heat in your boiler. You experience what’s known as ‘cold patches’ in your radiator. You may notice that the top is hot while the bottom or middle areas aren’t. This could only mean that some air is trapped; consider bleeding your radiator. Turn on your central heating system to the fullest and let the radiators attain the maximum heat. Try hovering your hands above and gently touching the top of each radiator, feeling whether there are any cold patches. Once you’ve identified the cold areas, switch off the system and let the radiators cool before bleeding the radiator.

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