3 Benefits of Installing CCTV at Home

While most people readily agree that CCTV cameras on the streets and business premises do a great job, few take time to think much of the importance of having CCTV in their homes! Mind you, CCTV systems have helped many home owners identify burglars who broke into their houses when they were away. That aside, these cameras are always an effective deterrent; few criminals in their right mind will attempt to break into a premises that has clearly placed and glaring CCTV cameras. Thou have every reason as a home owner to guarantee the safety of your home, as well as that of those that live within it!

There are major benefits to be gained from ensuring that your premises has CCTV;

  1. Very effective deterrent; at the top of the benefits, CCTV acts as a deterrent to any possible break-ins. This means that it helps prevent a crime before it happened; how? By dissuading the would-be intruder from even trying; the moment an intruder spots CCTV camera in a home, they will most likely retreat or avoid coming close to the house. On the opposite, an intruder with no intention of breaking in may get tempted to try his luck the moment he realizes that a home doesn’t have CCTV  cameras in place.
  2. Help catch burglars; in instances when a burglar has broken into your home and stolen items, CCTV always comes in handy. You’re able to rewind the footage and see how many intruders showed up, what side they used as entrance to your property, how they escaped, did they get any assistance from your house help or guards, etc. Seeing that most home break ins tend to be inside jobs, CCTV installation helps you know whether the intruder was acting alone or not. This then makes it easier for you to get clues and identify the real culprits.
  3. Domestic watchdog; ever heard of domestic house helps and nannies who mistreat children of their employers? Or bullying and fights between siblings when parents are away?             There are many, numerous scenarios that a CCTV can help record and document. Besides, think of old and aged citizens living in our homes. These tend to suffer from memory lapses and schizophrenia, sometimes even walking out of homes and going out never to be seen or heard if again. Sad and regrettable as this may be, CCTV cameras at home can help you monitor the movements of such vulnerable people; some CCTV systems can be connected to your laptop or phone to broadcast6 footage in real time.