Who’s Responsible Over Hiring End Of Tenancy Cleaners

Every time you rent a property, you sign a tenancy agreement with the landlord. This applies to both domestic tenants and commercial tenants. In this agreement, one of the issues that is mentioned is about cleaning up the place when you have to leave. In most End of tenancy agreements it is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that they leave the place in the same condition they found it in terms of cleanliness and tidiness. The landlord often holds your deposit as a surety or guarantee and only refunds it back once you have adhered to each and every clause of the agreement.


  • It’s worth noting however that, most tenants are not really able to carry out the cleaning themselves. The task can be tedious and laborious because it means you’re preparing it for the next tenant. Every nook and cranny has to be spotless and tidy! When the landlord comes to inspect the premises, you have to convince them beyond reasonable doubt that indeed everything is clean.
  • This is where end of tenancy cleaning companies come in. Such are able to come over and assist you as a tenant to get the place sparkling, in a matter of hours. Mind you, end of tenancy cleaning entails cleaning the walls, tiles, ceiling, sofas, lofts, drawers, and any other place one can imagine. But the clearance companies have the personnel and tools to get the job done professionally.
  • They’ll scrub the bathrooms, sinks and basins to ensure that everything is dazzling. The cobwebs on the ceiling or stains on the glass windows have also to be cleaned. Cleaning companies can send over a team of up to 6; this means that the cleaning will be prompt and thorough. Some estimates here in the UK suggest that almost 50% of all landlords who fail to refund tenant’s deposits cite cleaning as the main cause.
  • In the tenant agreement, some landlords may include a small fee for a cleaning company that they contract to do the cleaning when you leave. But you should always avoid such, it is easier and more affordable to get a clearance company of your choice. A quick search online will show you some of the leading end of tenancy cleaning service provider. Such a company is likely to be just a phone call away; you have no reason to endanger your deposit by takings for granted. Ensure that the cleaning company you have hired or that the landlord has recommended is insured. This cushions you in case of any damages.
  • But even as you wait for the clearing company to come and offer a helping hand, there are some DIY things you can be doing. For instance, start by sorting out your items from what will be left behind, throw away any foodstuffs you may have remaining in the kitchen, and so on so forth. If anything needs to be replaced, for instance a broken window pane; get that done well in advance.


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Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Guide for your Kitchen!

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3 Styles of Modern Garden Furniture

When it comes to picking furniture for your garden, there are several factors that you must always consider. But most importantly, is that the furniture pieces have to be tough, durable, and capable of withstanding the harsh weather variations out there. Garden furniture is important not just to make the garden a better place to rest and relax; the furniture can also be a fashion statement. The kind of furniture you pick will be dependent on what style you wish to create, your budget, and other related factors. There are different styles out there that you can pick for your garden furniture;

  1. Traditional furniture; traditional furniture always looks good when used at the fireplace or in the home garden. Because traditional furniture tends to blend more easily with nature, these furniture pieces ar a popular option for most home owners. Traditional furniture doesn’t really mean that the furniture is old or boring; it’s just that the design borrows much from early ages and times. You can never go wrong with traditional chairs, table, sofas, and other furniture pieces.
  2. Modern furniture; modern furniture pieces are also increasingly finding their way to many home gardens. Modern furniture is constant and never changes; the furniture pieces are simple and without many decorations. Most tend to have nicely furnished metal, wood, and leather. What makes this style a popular option for many gardens is that the furniture pieces can be enhanced with tough upholstery in order to make them last longer in outdoor environments. It is not uncommon to find a garden that has half wood, half metal chairs and tables, or reclining chairs made of leather upholstery. They always give the garden a modern kind of feel, without robbing it of the natural element from the surrounding trees or plants.
  3. Oriental furniture; when it comes to oriental furniture pieces for your garden, think ok of ancient designs common in Japanese and Chinese traditional furniture.  The design is creative in a very subtle way. In fact, some designers refer to oriental furniture as Asian furniture, because this is where this style originated. Carved wood, stenciled leather, dark brown colors; oriental style is impressive when correctly used in the outdoor garden. Nothing beats the feel of sitting on oriental furniture on the garden, sipping your drinks as the sun sets in the horizon. It’s a feel that many designers yearn to create and experience.


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Rubbish Removal for Rental Properties and Real Estate

Whether you are a home owner intending to move out of your house and rent it, or a real estate agent with houses that are vacant and you are planning to rent them, cleaning up is a must. It is normal for tenants to leave ‘junk’ behind; sometimes the junk is actually a new chair or a table that could not fit into the moving truck. You cannot rent a house with used furniture or other types of waste to a new tenant, so you must first clear everything before you let a new interested party view it.


Real estate agents sometimes can get caught up in a sea of waste when tenants vacate the houses they manage. This can be very frustrating because even when they find new tenants to rent the houses, they cannot take them to view them with rubbish in the living rooms, basement, or garage. They have to have them cleaned and everything cleared in a very short time. In cases like this, skip hires and skip hire alternative for bins are not useful because they cannot hold the amount of waste being cleared, and it would be tiresome to use them anyway.

Hiring a rubbish clearance company would be the best idea for circumstances like these. All you have to do is call them and schedule an appointment so that they can come to the houses you manage as a real estate agent, or if you are a home owner. They will evaluate the amount of rubbish to be cleared and quote a price. If you decide to use their services, they start work right away; they remove all the junk and clean up the places they cleared. This includes gardens, if there are gardens that need a cleanup; the clearance services company literally cleans anything within your property or home.

London based waste clearance services for residentials

3 Benefits of Installing CCTV at Home

While most people readily agree that CCTV cameras on the streets and business premises do a great job, few take time to think much of the importance of having CCTV in their homes! Mind you, CCTV systems have helped many home owners identify burglars who broke into their houses when they were away. That aside, these cameras are always an effective deterrent; few criminals in their right mind will attempt to break into a premises that has clearly placed and glaring CCTV cameras. Thou have every reason as a home owner to guarantee the safety of your home, as well as that of those that live within it!

There are major benefits to be gained from ensuring that your premises has CCTV;

  1. Very effective deterrent; at the top of the benefits, CCTV acts as a deterrent to any possible break-ins. This means that it helps prevent a crime before it happened; how? By dissuading the would-be intruder from even trying; the moment an intruder spots CCTV camera in a home, they will most likely retreat or avoid coming close to the house. On the opposite, an intruder with no intention of breaking in may get tempted to try his luck the moment he realizes that a home doesn’t have CCTV  cameras in place.
  2. Help catch burglars; in instances when a burglar has broken into your home and stolen items, CCTV always comes in handy. You’re able to rewind the footage and see how many intruders showed up, what side they used as entrance to your property, how they escaped, did they get any assistance from your house help or guards, etc. Seeing that most home break ins tend to be inside jobs, CCTV installation helps you know whether the intruder was acting alone or not. This then makes it easier for you to get clues and identify the real culprits.
  3. Domestic watchdog; ever heard of domestic house helps and nannies who mistreat children of their employers? Or bullying and fights between siblings when parents are away?             There are many, numerous scenarios that a CCTV can help record and document. Besides, think of old and aged citizens living in our homes. These tend to suffer from memory lapses and schizophrenia, sometimes even walking out of homes and going out never to be seen or heard if again. Sad and regrettable as this may be, CCTV cameras at home can help you monitor the movements of such vulnerable people; some CCTV systems can be connected to your laptop or phone to broadcast6 footage in real time.

Contemporary Furniture Compared to Modern

There is pretty much confusion when you ask people what the difference between contemporary furniture and modern furniture is. To most people, both are almost one and the same thing. Well, the difference is rather grey and it is easy to confuse the two. In any case, the term modern furniture is a bit confusing itself because contrary to what one would think, this style is rather old! Modern furniture started gaining prominence in the late 1800s. Contemporary furniture on the other hand started as a blend of different styles and it gained popularity in the 1970s. As a home owner or interior designer, you can opt for any of these two in order to give your space the look and feel that you want. Each is unique in its own way.

  • Like aforementioned, contemporary furniture started off as a blend and mix of different styles. It borrowed heavily from postmodernism and modernism. It also has some elements of futurism, deconstructivism, art deco, and the likes. Thus, where modern furniture tends to be constant and sticking to a particular format, contemporary will try to showcase different styles blended into one.
  • The modern furniture design is a form of modernism movement that gained popularity in the late 1800s. Its origin can be traced back to the German Bauhaus schools of design; it also has deeply embraced the Scandinavian designing norms that value simplicity and functionality.  In this regard, you’ll notice that most modern furniture pieces follow a particular constant design that doesn’t attempt to complicate things in the name of decorations.

Are there similarities between the two?

Yes! Nowadays, contemporary furniture pieces are bending the rules a little bit in order to be more accommodative. Ottoman furniture with exposed legs, modern furniture pieces with leather upholstery, contemporary furniture with a single, simple dominant style; the bridge between these two styles is getting narrower. As a home owner, you have the freedom to pick either the contemporary style, or the modern. Better still, you can blend and mix the two to come up with an amazing feel. The dining room looks great when modern furniture is used; contemporary may work better in the kitchen, or the children’s bedroom

You can always seek the services or advice of a professional interior design company regarding the best furniture for your particular space. What works for a friend may not necessarily work for you.